Vajrasattva Drupchen 2017

Minling Dorsem Drupchen
 Guided by Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche

with Lopön Tsering Gönpo and Lopön Jampa Norgyal

DHARMA CITY (Belgium), Thursday July 6 - Sunday July 16, 2017

Our precious teacher Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche invites everyone who wants to attain happiness and harmony for oneself and all beings in this world to take part in the Vajrasattva drupchen. Participation in the drupchen is especially auspicious because Patrul Rinpoche’s root teacher, Drukpa Rinpoche from the Dzogchen Monastery, blessed Rinpoche for establishing and keeping this tradition of Vajrasattva Drupchen in Europe.

The Vajrasattva drupchen is an intensive collective practice of the Vajrasattva sadhana. It is the best purifier of all problems and obstacles, it is the best antidote for ignorance and sicknesses and it is the best path to achieve enlightenment quickly. longchennyingthik_DorjeSempa

This drupchen will be carried out in accordance with the Minling Dorsem Sadhana by Terchen Terdak Lingpa. The rituals of the drupchen will be performed according to the Dzogchen Monastery tradition. And in order to fulfill everything in a perfect manner, Patrul Rinpoche will guide a two days preparatory course during which he is going to explain himself the sadhana, visualizations, the importance of melodies, and to teach how to play ritual instrument, to do mudras and so on. Anyone has a chance to become a chopon or umdze and to perform rituals during the drupchen.

During the whole drupchen small groups will be reciting Vajrasattva mantra in shifts, 24 hours non-stop. Butter lamps will be also lighted 24 hours with auspicious wishes for happiness and harmony of everyone. On the last day of the drupchen, after receiving of siddhis Patrul Rinpoche will bestow the initiation of Vajrasattva.

Everyone who wants to join the drupchen but cannot come, can make an offering for mandala and gompa decoration, butter lamps and food offering for participants, the way they do in Tibet. This will create your personal connection and enable you to join all the participants. Anyway, anyone who wishes to join the drupchen is welcome!

If you have vajra and bell, a small kapala and a white conch, you can bring them to use them during the rituals.

Partial participation is allowed and the public is welcome at anytime.

May this drupchen benefit everyone!
A text about the meaning of drupchens and written by Patrul Rinpoche can be read here

A drupchen (great accomplishment) is a group practice in the form of a meditation retreat partaking of the Vajrayana tradition and guided by an experienced Lama. During the seven or ten days of the retreat, practitioners continuously perform the sadhana, offer the tsok feast and recite the drupchen prayers and mantra, doing so in shifts in order to rest between the recitations.

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Event Details
Buddhist Practice
Patrul Rinpoche
Dharma City
300 rue de Mettet,
5620 Florennes,
Open to All
Fee Information: 
    Following Rinpoche's wish to make events in Dharma City more affordable to Sangha members we made it cheaper to the last possible limit. If you have possibility please consider a donation to help us sustain Dharma City.

    Participation fee includes the costs to organise the Drupchen, infrastructure, course materials and meals: 

1- Food: 15€/day
2- Course: 20€/day
3- Accommodation:

- Dormitory: 5€/night
- Tisha Rooms (limited number available) :
* One place in a double room: 22,5€/night
* Single room 30€/night (not available this year)
* Double room: 40€/night
* Family room (3 people max): 50€/night
* Tisha room sponsors: deducted from their package of 400 nights + expenses 5€/night
- off-site: no additional fee
  • During the event (course without food is not possible): 1+2+3 
  • Extra days: 1+3
The total contribution is automatically calculated based upon these prices and information you provide in the registration form below (if you are a registered user, please login first). Then you may proceed with the payment:
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  • Late Registration Fee: after the 30th of June a late registration fee of 5 € per day will apply.

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Contact Details: 
+32 (0)494 79 47 87
  • 5/07/2017   18:00 Registration for drupchen
  • 6/06/2017   7:00 Beginning of preparatory course
  • 8/06/2017   16:00 Beginning of drupchen
  • 16/06/2017   8:00 End of drupchen and party