Vajrasattva Drupchen

Why do we practice drupchens?


Patrul Rinpoche has received the Minling Dorsem Drupchen from Tulku Drukpa Rinpoche in the Dzogchen Monastery, Tibet

Study how to practice

All the drupchens are preceded by a few days to one week training. Read more here.

From Daniela, who already participated in two Vajrasattvas drupchens:
Taking part in a Drupchen is a wonderful opportunity to spend a whole week really immersing myself into Vajrayana practice. As explained by Rinpoche, taking part in a Drupchen is of enormous benefit for oneself as well as others and can equal the merit accumulated in lengthy retreats.

On top of that it is a very rare opportunity to actually learn how to do ritual practice. The preparatory course given for a few days before the start of the Drupchen not only explains the practice itself but also gave me a chance to learn and practice how to play the different ritual instruments, how to do the mudras, how to chant the different melodies in the sadhana and to learn about the different ritual activities involved in the practice, such as torma offerings. 

The skills and knowledge I gained are transferable to other sadhanas as well as the monthly Tsok practices.