Sambhota Translation Group — སཾ་བྷོ་ཊའི་སྒྲ་སྒྱུར་ཚོགས་པ།

For 2,500 years the Buddha's teachings have brought comfort and strength to those in distress, soothed the fire of discord and suffering and contributed to preserve harmony and peace. But still innumerable texts, composed by great scholars and sages of the past remain to be revealed to Dharma students all over the world since they have never been translated and therefore are accessible only to those fluent in Tibetan. Moreover, in our fast moving time these ancient texts are under threat of being lost if they cannot be preserved by means of modern technologies.

Patrul Rinpoche has made the preservation, translation and distribution of these inestimable treasures of wisdom one of his greatest priorities.
To allow these sacred Dharma words' rain of blessings to touch all beings, Rinpoche has in 2010 officially founded the Sambhota Translation Group after more than a decade of work. The group will be assisted in some of its tasks by Khenpo Thubten Lodru Nyima, and is an integral part of the not for profit association Dzogchen Gelek Palbar Ling.

Its ambitious programme will be primarily conducted by a team of more than ten people around the world, and will require the support of patrons. Putting a very strong emphasis on the means adopted to guarantee the authenticity of the translation and the transmission, the mission of the Translation Group will be to make undisclosed ancient text treasures accessible to a wide public, from academic audience to common people in quest of human potential development. Annual workshops will also be organised with the view to share the progress of individual projects, to build and enhance the collaboration environment and to develop personal skills of every member of the group. Translations are published by the Wisdom Treasury publishing house.