Shedra: The Dzogchen Practitioners Course

The Six-Year Dzogchen Practitioners' Course – along with its complementary instruction, entitled The Perfect Path of Self-Liberation, has been designed as a more suitable framework for those students who wish to deepen and broaden the scope of their study and practice of the Buddhism, and who wish to commit themselves to a programme of intensive study and practice.

This Course is also referred to as the Shedra which means 'a college' in Tibetan. Those who enrol in the course will be required to attend the Annual ZPI Shedra course, study the course material, complete the set practices, and pass exams.

The Six-Year Dzogchen Practitioners' Course is a degree course which will give advice for the practice of self-liberation in yearly stages. Along with the subjects taught in the Six-year books, which are a compilation of the main subjects taught in the universities in Tibet, key Sutras and other texts will be studied. The course will cover all levels of Buddhist practice from the basics, the preliminary practices, up to the summit, the teachings of Dzogchen. In accordance with the need and maturation of the students, additional instruction may be given. Initiations and transmissions will be bestowed on students during the ZPI Annual Shedra course, as well as instructions about the practices to be accomplished during the year.

At the end of the studies, a degree will be conferred on those students who have passed their exams, shown signs of having truly understood the course material, and whose realisation of the practices has become manifest.   


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Three cycles are currently in progress

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