Rigdzin Dupa Drupchen 2014

Aspirational prayers for peace and happiness
 Guided by Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche

with the presence of Khenpo Thubten Lodru Nyima


DHARMA CITY (Belgium), 3 to 14 March, 2014
A text about the meaning of drupchens and the possibility to support it in different ways, written by Patrul Rinpoche, can be read here.

A drupchen (great accomplishment) is a group practice in the form of a meditation retreat according to the Vajrayana tradition and guided by an experienced Lama. During the seven days of the retreat, practitioners continuously perform the Rigdzin Dupa practice (sadhana), offer the feast (tsok) and recite the drupchen prayers and mantra, doing so in shifts in order to rest between the recitations.
The aim of a Drupchen is to purify and tame our body, speech and mind to become authentic and beneficial.
A four day preparatory course (3-6 March) will give everyone the time to learn the perfect way of performing a Drupchen, and the Drupchen will run for 8 nights and 7 full days (6 March 7pm to 14 March 8am). It is an extraordinary opportunity for everyone to keep alive this tradition and create a cause for future well-being and happiness for themselves and for all beings. The drupchen will take place in the serene setting of Dharma City, imbued with Rinpoche's kindness and compassion.
Partial participation is possible and attendance is welcome anytime.
A Vajrasattva Drupchen, also with a four days preparatory course and guided by Patrul Rinpoche, will be held in Dharma City from July 13 until July 24, 2014.

Enrollment is opened

Event Details
Buddhist Practice
Patrul Rinpoche
Dharma City
Open to All
Fee Information: 
    Participation fee includes the costs to organise the Drupchen, infrastructure, course materials and meals: 

1- Food: 15€/day
2- Course: 20€/day
3- Accommodation:

- Dormitory: 5€/night 
- Caravan (if available): 5€/night
- Tisha Rooms (if available):
* One place in a double room: 17,5€/night
* Single room: 25€/night
* Double room: 35€/night
* Family room (3 people max): 45€/night
* Tisha room sponsors: deducted from their package of 400 nights
- off-site: no additional fee
We are doing our best to make Tisha rooms ready for the Drupchen. We will keep you updated
  • During the event (course without food is not possible): 1+2+3 
  • Extra days: 1+3
Please use these amounts in the registration form below (if you are a registered user, please login first), calculate your total contribution, then proceed with the payment:
  • Bank details will be given below at the start of the enrollment
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Contact Details: 
  • Preparatory course: 3/03 - 6/03 (6pm)
  • Drupchen: 6/03 (7pm) - 14/03 (8am)
Following Rinpoche's wish to make events in Dharma City more affordable to Sangha members we made it cheaper to the last possible limit. If you have possibility please consider a donation to help us sustain Dharma City.

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