Rigdzin Dupa Drupchen


This practice of the drupchen of Rigdzin Dupa comes from the Dzogchen Monastery, Tibet. It is practiced after losar (the Tibetan New Year). The tradition started with the fifth Dzogchen Rinpoche.

The first Drupchen of the Zangdok Palri Institute was organised in Dharma City in 2008 during the summer. During the Rigdzin Dupa drupchen, we were very fortunate to receive the huge statue of Guru Rinpoche in Dharma City. (watch on youtube)

About the Rigdzin Dupa Drupchen:

In the first week, we will study how to make peace outwardly, inwardly and secretly and during second week there will be prayers of Drubchen, which are the prayers, wishing to the world become peace. This Drubchen become very beneficent for all sentient beings, who was killed by the aggressive emotion of others, and also who was dead not naturally, not peacefully. But not only for them; it will bring benefit for all sentient beings.
Patrul Rinpoche, April 2008. (link to the letter)

About the Rigdzin Dupa Drupchen in Dzogchen, Tibet

Rinpoche explained that “In Dzogchen monastery, when we make Drupchen, the fifth day is a very important day. We call that day the bumdrup”. 
Rinpoche told us that as a sign of blessings a special siddhi, which is real amrita, comes from the torma’s called the DrupTor”.
This was especially so for the Fourth Dzogchen Rinpoche; Mingyur Namkhe Dorje.
Rinpoche continued  ”this amrita starts on the fifth day of the Drupchen. It is amazing and before I heard it myself it was difficult to believe. Later, I myself became chöpön, and for 6 years, and I made the torma’s with tsampa and butter. During the Drupchen I was very curious how amrita could be coming from the torma’s. On the fifth day my root teacher came around the mandala and said "how is going with the torma’s?” He said that since the Fourth Dzogchen Rinpoche amrita is coming from the torma’s, adding that he was not sure that it would happen as he himself was not a special master. On the fifth day we made a special tsok offering, and after the invocation, everyone would feel relaxed. In the evening amrita started coming out from all sides of the torma, first on the torma of Guru Rinpoche and then on all the torma’s. I collected a lot of amrita”. 
Recorded from Patrul Rinpoche in August 2008 (link to the newsletter)


Study how to practice

All the drupchens are preceded by a few days to one week training. Read more here.