COURSE: How to Find Peace of Mind through Meditation

The Wheel of Analysis and Meditation, by Mipham Rinpoche

photo for the website - smallEmotions are part of our lives and we are so used to them that we consider them to be inevitable. Emotions such as desire, anger or fear can overwhelm us at any moment and leave us frustrated, or push us to act in completely irrational ways, often with harmful consequences. Instinctively, we believe that the outside world can bring us solutions to manage these emotions, if only we can arrange them according to our needs. Thinking that if we obtain what we desire, if we eliminate what bothers us, we will find the happiness we've been coveting... But as the experiences of life go along, we realize that despite our constant efforts, this ephemeral happiness eludes us each time.

In this context, Buddhism, and particularly meditation, can be of great help in making us aware of this process and showing us that the real source of happiness lies within ourselves. Buddhism is not at all some abstract notion far removed from everyday life, but a science of mind increasingly challenging Western scientists; for many of them, it would be important in the future to include Buddhist meditation techniques in the field of cognitive science. It is in this sense that His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been very actively involved for many years in the exchange between Buddhist science and Western science, in order to mutually enrich our knowledge of consciousness.
During this course, Patrul Rinpoche with the help of Khenpo Thubten Lodru Nyima will guide us in learning analytical meditation: observing our mind and external phenomena, identifying patterns of thoughts we want to change and connecting to our innate potential for happiness and wisdom. Rinpoche will base his teachings on the text entitled "The Wheel of Analytical Meditation that Thoroughly Purifies Mental Activity" by Mipham Rinpoche (1846 - 1912). Written in the manner of a compilation of direct instructions, this text provides clear and practical advice for all those who wish to develop their meditation practice and come to an understanding that they will eventually incorporate into everyday life. Here you can find the whole text :
Part of the General Course will be dedicated to practical meditation sessions that will show us how to strengthen our attention to the present moment and to cultivate a way to be more positive and serene. The day will be concluded by an informal evening session covering various topics such as the Tibetan culture, history and custom as well as traditional Tibetan story telling.
The General Buddhist Philosophy Course is open to all, beginners and experienced practitioners. It will by facultated by the conferences in Brussels and Namur as well as other seminars in the coming years. Partial participation is possible either for a day or a single session, according to ones availability.

More information on the topic of meditation can be found here.

The Course will be preceded by two publica talks:

Event Details
Buddhist Course
Patrul Rinpoche
Dharma City, 300 Rue de Mettet, Florennes 5620 Belgium
Open to All
Fee Information: 
  • Whole course:  340 € (this price includes accommodation and 3 meals per day)
  • One day (with meals): 40 € (35 € without accommodation)
  • Half day (without meals): 10 €
  • One meditation session: 5 €

Note: there is a possible to attend the course without having the meals, or have only some meals (Breakfast: 3 €; Lunch: 8 €; dinner: 4 €)

Contact Details: 
  • 9.00 – 9.45: Meditation session guided by Khenpo Thubten Lodru Nyima
  • 10.00 – 12.30: Teachings given by Patrul Rinpoche
  • 15.00 – 16.30: Teachings given by Patrul Rinpoche
  • 17.00 – 18.00: Meditation session guided by Khenpo Thubten Lodru Nyima
  • 19.30 – 21.00: Evening on Tibetan culture (films, photos, story telling etc)

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