The Abridged Gateway to Knowledge



The Abridged Gateway to Knowledge is one of the main texts learned by heart in Dzogchen Shri Singha University as it offers a great support to remember most of the key aspects of the Buddhist philosophy—the aggregates, the elements, the sense sources, interdependent origination, the correct and the incorrect, the faculties, time, the truths, the vehicles, and the compounded and the uncompounded.

Presented with the Tibetan text, its translation and a line-by-line reference to the Gateway to Knowledge, this edition is a precious companion for those wishing to enter the vast field of knowledge of the Buddha’s teachings or seeking to learn the Tibetan scriptures.


Table of Contents

The table of contents is available for download as a PDF file to give a complete overview of the book.


Blessed by Manjushri, Jamgön Mipham Rinpoche (1846-1912) was one of the greatest scholars of his time. He wrote on a vast range of subjects and is particularly renowned for systematising the sutras, tantras and shastras, for his compilations of prayers and sadhanas, and for his own writings which number thirty-two volumes in all and which bring great clarity to the most profound and detailed teachings. He also spent many years in retreat and displayed numerous signs of enlightenment.


  • ISBN 978-2-930447-14-8
  • 14x21cm, 250 pages, paper cover
  • Bilingual Tibetan-English
  • Date of publication: August 2013
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