Letter From Patrul Rinpoche about the Dzogchen Winter Retreat


Chengdu, 28 October 2012

My dear precious family, all my Dharma brothers and sisters,

I hope all of you are doing well.

Right now, according to some circumstances, I am in Chengdu, because more than one month ago my father was sick. Now he is getting better.

In Chengdu weather is quite grey... not hot, not warm, at the same time — not really comfortable, because it is foggy everywhere, same as ignorance. I am not sure for the moment, how long I will stay here. Probably, I will leave soon, but anyway I will come back to Europe, maybe in the middle of December.

As always, in the end of the year (from 26th of December to 31st), we are going to make Dzogchen Winter Retreat in Dharma City. The topic of our study will be: "How can we meditate on The Great Emptiness according to the Wisdom Chapter of the Bodhicaryāvatāra". I hope to see all of you on this retreat. We can enjoy together Christmas and make New Year Party.

If you ask me, what I am concerning about nowadays, I am concerning a lot about Buddha's teaching. Buddha's teaching is very-very important for everybody. It is not only useful for us, it is beneficial and very important for all sentient beings. That is why I want to request to all of you from the deep part of my heart: do not stop to study Buddha's teaching, analyse it, listen again and again, contemplate and meditate on it, practise it.

Relying on Buddha's teaching, sure, you can get different experiences: worldly experience and spiritual. If we have these both experiences, we will get a perfect base for our daily activity. If we have good experience in our daily activity, then we can manage easily our life, easily understand how to handle our life, how to handle with our family in order to make peace, love, solidarity, harmony etc. If we want to do all these kind of things in order to benefit others, we need a good experience. And for that good experience, we need to study Buddha's teaching, because Buddha's teaching is the best teaching in this world, because it is related to the compassion. If someone has compassion, impartial compassion, great compassion, whatever this person will say, it is truth. Then we can follow this truthful speech. If we can follow this truthful speech, we can obtain truthful level and we can get truthful result. Therefore, I am asking to all of you, members of my heart-family: Please don't stop to study Dharma, continue practise, study and meditate on that.

I would like to point again and again: Buddha's teaching is not for lamas, not for monks, not for nuns and not only for religious people. Buddha gave this teaching for the benefit of all sentient beings. Dharma doesn't have any owner. That's why, whoever wants to study or practise it, that person can become the owner of the Dharma. Therefore, if you take care yourself, if you want to make yourself happy, if you are loyal to yourself, if you want to become genuine or authentic, please, study Dharma. Then you will become genuine, authentic and holy. If you become holy being, then it will bring such a benefit for all suffering sentient beings. If you will become Buddha, you will become guide for all sentient beings. That also will make me happy. I am looking forward for that.

See you soon.

All the best wishes, much love.

That is all from me for now.

Patrul Rinpoche