Uttaratantra Shedra 2009

About the course

The Uttaratantra (Gyud Lama, The Ultimate Continuum), written by the great Indian master Asanga in the 4th century AD, is said to have been dictated by Arya Maitreya, the future Buddha in this world, and can be considered one of the most important texts for Dharma students and practitioners.

Elucidating the Buddhanature present in all beings and explaining extensively its qualities and our inherent potential for enlightenment, this essential treatise provides the grounding for the understanding of the tantric view. Clearly structured and very detailed, it reveals to us the hidden treasure of our awakened nature of mind in order to support us on the path towards its realization.

Patrul Rinpoche teaches in English, simultaneous translations being organised according to the needs of the students and the availability of interpretors.

About the Curriculum

This year, the students from the two Shedra will have the opportunity to study and practice together, as it is Patrul Rinpoche's wish to organise a single course for both groups. This is a special extra year to the Shedra Curriculum. It followed a retreat on Powa, open to Buddhists only.

This course was for Shedra Students only.

Exams for the First and the Third Year took place on 13 August. There will be a second opportunity to take the exams in 2011.


The Shedra took place from 13 August to 28 August.



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· Dead line for enrolment: 23 July.

· Cost of the course:
- 680 € (reduced), 850 € (breakeven) or 1020 € (support), including meals, tea breaks, and books.
- per day: not allowed
- Accommodation in dorms, or camping : 45 € for the whole course. 

· If you enrolled to the Powa retreat, the cost of both courses (Powa + Shedra) was
- 875 € (reduced), 1125 € (normal) or 1375 € (sponsor), including meals, tea breaks, and books.
- per day: not allowed
- Accommodation in dorms, or camping : 45 € for the whole course, or 5 €/day/person.

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