Altruistic activity retreat

Introduction in the Mahayana view which clarifies the two truths

Altruistic Retreat Georgia 2012
The Altruistic Activity Retreat will combine study and altruistic work.
Patrul Rinpoche invites his students who have time during March and April to join the Altruistic Activity retreat.
What is the meaning of an altruistic retreat? It is a means to work, practice and study for the benefit of both, other beings and ourselves. Through these activities we develop our wisdom, we purify our obscurations and we make all our qualities shine brighter and brighter.
patrul8bHalf of each day will be spent in Dharma teachings given by Patrul Rinpoche on the text “Instruction in the Mahayana view which clarifies the two truths” written by the first Patrul Rinpoche. By improving our knowledge of the Dharma, we get to understand the relative and the absolute realities more. Then we apply what we previously studied, and we swiftly progress on the path towards enlightenment for the benefit of all beings, including ourselves.
During the second half of each day, students will have the chance to help Dharma Activity to develop in Georgia by contributing to the construction of Rinpoche’s house and center. By doing this, we train our body, speech and mind on the path of virtue through the use of bodhicitta and through the dedication of merit to the perfect happiness of our mother sentient beings. Therefore, the altruistic retreat is an extremely pure spring from which the nectar of merit and virtue flows into the cup of those that are called great beings.

About the course

The retreat will take place in Rinpoche’s house in Georgia, from the 24th of March to the 12th of April 2012. The participation fee will be 10€ per day for the food; students will be hosted in Rinpoche's house (please note that there will be no dormitory before the Drupchen itself).
The retreat will be followed by the Chöd Drupchen from 13 to 22 April 2012. 
Additional information is available on this Georgian webpage.

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Buddhist Practice
Patrul Rinpoche
Tbilisi (Georgia), Village Dighomi, 108 Didgori str. (Turn Left and in 200 meters there’s Rinpoche’s house - do not try to go thear night time, you may get lost)
Fee Information: 
 10 euros/day
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Tel:(995)555 912317 (Dato)
Tel:(995)599 922189 (Nino)