Letter about meaning of drupchen and possibility to support it in different ways



The Meaning of the drupchen sadhana explained by Patrul Rinpoche

The meaning of the drupchen sadhana is to pray for all sentient beings, wishing them to be free from all the complications of suffering, which are the unfavourable circumstances in this life and individual problems in daily life. For example, sickness, conflicts in the family, difficulties in order to get what we wish for and difficulties in order to avoid what we do not wish.

If we are honest with ourselves in order to investigate suffering and happiness, we will understand that suffering and happiness never come without causes and conditions, therefore we are discovering the causes of happiness and suffering. They come from the positive movement and negative movements of body, speech and mind. That is why we make drupchens.

From the perspective of the Buddha’s teaching all the different appearances whether pleasant or unpleasant come from our own habitual patterns. These appearances whether truly existent or not, permanent or non-permanent, good or bad, beautiful or ugly, disastrous or non-disastrous, depend entirely on our own mind. Therefore, if in our mind we have a positive perception of habitual patterns or  a negative perception of habitual patterns, through these two perceptions of habitual patterns we project Samsara and Nirvana. When we are watching a samsaric film, it is unpleasant, because a lot of unbearable suffering happens. In the same way, when we are watching nirvana films, a lot of magnificent happy situations occur there. How can we develop our happy situations more? How we can purify sufferings? We think it is possible only through our mind. That is the reason why we are making a drupchen.
 Whoever can read very carefully any sadhana text, what is described there, can comprehend, that each sadhana is related to the highest tantric teaching of the Buddha connecting to the teaching of the generation and completion stages.

The generation stage is connected to Samsara in order to purify it; it is connecting to Nirvana in order to develop it. Also it is connected to the universal single ground of Samsara and Nirvana. It can lead to the realisation of that. As for the completion stage, it is also connected to both Samsara and Nirvana and can purify the dualistic labelling between good and bad, which is gathering together and separation. It can lead to freedom from the dualistic suffering of gathering and separation.

Therefore whoever connects to this kind of sadhana, can perceive a lot of benefit. Whoever practices correctly this kind of sadhana, we appreciate your practice and rejoice very much.

If you cannot participate in our drupchen this time, please practice in this way yourself or join any other drupchen happening in this world.

Brussels, 21st of December, 2011

We will be happy to see all of you on site; obviously it is the best way for practicing and keeping the tradition of our lineage.


Different ways to participate

We understand that some people live too far away or due to some circumstances can not come. If you cannot come for some reason to the drupchen, but anyway wish to be a part of the mandala, there is a perfect way to share all the benefits of the sangha, by supporting it materially. Drupchen has a powerful meaning as we make two types of accumulation: accumulation of merit and accumulation of wisdom. It is also the perfect way to purify any possible obstacles. During a drupchen a lot of Sangha members come together, pray together; using all occasions to make each action beneficial and accumulate merit in various ways — that makes this occasion particularly special and auspicious. That is why all actions of generosity in this particular time would bring a lot of good causes in the life of the supporter.

As Jetsun Mila said:

Between the hermit meditating in the mountains
And the donor who provides his sustenance
There is a link that will lead them to enlightenment together.
Dedication of merit is the very heart of that link.

As Patrul Rinpoche also said:

“We believe that the positive movements of body, speech and mind will bring benefit to all beings, especially to those who participate in a drupchen or have some connection to it. They can receive lot of benefit, because positive and negative results come from positive and negative movements, of our body, speech and mind. Therefore a drupchen does not relate to a religious ceremony, it does not relate to worldly business, it relates to the positive action of compassion and wisdom in order to develop positive aspects of body, speech and mind. This positive action is the gathering of all members of the sangha together in order to pray for world peace without war, hunger, thirst and disasters.”

What kind of accumulation is possible during the drupchen?

There are many ways to do accumulations during the drupchen.  
Every day we:

  • prepare the mandala,

  • make new tormas,

  • offer fresh flowers,

  • offer candles,

  • make tsok offerings,

  • offer  tea, soft drinks, fruit, cakes, bread, cheese, sugar and other food to the reciters of the mantras (during the recitation period some people become thirsty, hungry, tired, so we are supporting them in this way),

  • recite many mantras for the benefit of all sentient beings,

  • dedicate all our merit. 

If you wish, you can make a donation for a particular purpose or in general. All your support is appreciated.

How to support

Please follow this link to send us an email with you name, address, donation amount and purpose.
To donate, please use a bank transfer or Paypal as detailed on the Prayer Request page.