Message from Patrul Rinpoche while preparing the schedule 2012

Message from Patrul Rinpoche while preparing the schedule 2012, Brussels, 1st of November 2011

I'm with Mowgli because he is a very kind creature. I'm not sure if he is human or what other type of being!

Anyway, we are chatting about pizza! Generally speaking, the meaning of pizza is that it is one with everything. It is wonderful if someone can make it because it is delicious. Why? Harmony. It is delicious because it is solidarity. Who can make it? Only those who have the realisation of emptiness and of compassion which is its very essence. That could be the embodiment of the compassion of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the ten directions.

Also, Mowgli asked me how he could get that pizza. I replied that he should urgently call the pizza delivery company which was created by the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas! This company is open uninterruptedly; whenever we want pizza we can order it from them! When they produce the delicious pizza of education, contemplation and meditation they are so nice because when we eat pizza it takes away all the hunger of the disturbing emotions. Not only that; it takes away miserliness, shamelessness, hot-temperedness, turmoil and the burnt black part of the pizza which is ignorance. Also, whoever wants those pizzas can manage all our different types of eating path easily. For instance, a sinful person is the food-taker of the pizza which is our daily white and black pizza. When this evil person eats our daily pizza we can't do anything at all since this person naturally or automatically eats it.

Therefore, now we want to eat healthy pizza, which comes from the above mentioned one, and those pizzas make our wisdom and compassion healthy in order to take over power from this evil eater. If we cannot take over power from it, it gives us birth, ageing, sickness and death. It is necessary to take over power; then we will be free from birth, old age, sickness and death. That is wonderful. That is magnificent. In Buddhist terminology you call this 'enlightenment'. It is the highest happiness. It is the highest achievement of any kind of being.

Therefore, we are chatting about a delicious pizza which is one with everything! Thanks to whoever who makes it because we said that it is solidarity. Solidarity brings peace to the world. The world of our world also demonstrates which pizza is one with everything. To whoever does it: thanks! We call it religious harmony. It is wonderful. It is impartiality. Also, it is the great unity of emptiness and appearances. The unity of wisdom and compassion. It is marvellous because it is united. To be a unit is so important. Why? Because united things bring many things out. For instance, the outer environment and whatever exists inside. Like a unit of particle and anti-particle. Through these two particles whatever exists in space dependently arises.

For example, we took the unmysterious plane from the unmysterious airport. When we were landing in this wonderful blue airport, before we were coming down close to the earth; we saw how wonderful the snow mountains were, which wear the excellent ornament of clouds carrying the pristine diamond of transparent water raining into earth supporting all the vegetation of forests, meadows and all different natural landscapes. It is wonderful to be united. Once our plane's feet touched down in the runway of the airport of the blue world, we received a signal from the parent office of the signal tower saying how we can land. After, stopping our plane, the pilot of karma opened the door. Then, we could go out. When we go outside, there are so many similar beings waiting for us to say welcome! Welcome home! Enjoy your holiday!' Then, we start to study their language to communicate in order to unite with them.

Once we become united with them, then, we need to explore the area to travel on our holiday to this place. When we start to begin travelling we need to unite with all our passengers, residents including ourselves. When we are harmoniously together then, we can make a successful, happy and marvellous journey. Therefore, however long we stay on holiday in this world we are very pleased. Also, when we return home, home is a mysterious home but however, when we arrive home we have a good experience about how we can make a wonderful holiday again.

The Mowgli told me if we go to the holiday place which is organised by the Buddha and Boddhisattvas travel agency, it would be wonderful. Since if we approach each of those places, we can talk to hundreds of scholars and compassionate beings. They can give hundreds and hundreds of different subjects through which we can also help hundreds of other students. We ourselves become marvellous magicians who can make hundreds of our body. Each body can help other beings. Like this, each place we reach, we can in the same way, make more and more, hundreds and hundreds, thousands and thousands, millions to do this.

Good luck!

Now the pizza has arrived! We need to eat pizza. Especially the Mowgli needs to eat. Then we can chat about something else in this world.


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