Library: Prayers and practices

General Prayers

Blessing Offerings and Making Praises - prayers to be recited once offerings have been arranged
These are the prayers which can be recited whenever offerings have been arranged, including the arrangement of the seven offering bowls on the shrine in the morning.
Prayer before meals
• Being generous with bodily impurities: all on one page - one page per impurities (5 pages)
When the recitation of these mantras is motivated by compassion, they benefit other beings who make use of one's bodily impurities.

Ngöndro (preliminary practice)

• About the Longchen Nyingthik Ngön-Dro
The 100-syllables mantra (with an Tibetan and English translation)
• The mandala offering: see in the appendices for the long Ngön-Dro
• Visualisations: seeöndro-visualization
• Pictures for visualisations
• Recording of the short Ngön-Dro recited by Patrul Rinpoche. This recording last for exactly 1 hour. It was recorded to the attention of the students who have taken / would like to take the commitment to practise the ngon-dro 1 hour per day.

Longchen Nyingthik Ngön-Dro "the long Ngön-Dro" (draft translation)
Appendices for the long Ngön-Dro, to the attention of the students of Patrul Rinpoche

Rikzin Dupa and Yumka Dechen Gyalmo

• Explanations
• Pictures for visualisations. Yumka. Rikzin Dupa.

Sojong: restoration of vows

• Explanations
• Text

Practices to do during solar and lunar eclipses

• Explanations
• Kuntuzangpo (Samantabhadra in Sanskrit) aspiration prayer : see

Heart Essence of All the Tsepames of Limitless Life

The Prayer
• A word-by-word commentary by Khenpo Thubten Lodrö Nyima
• Recording (mp3)

Aspiration prayers (Mönlam in Tibetan)

• Kuntuzangpo (Samantabhadra in Sanskrit) aspiration prayer
• Zangdok Palri aspiration prayer