Letter from Patrul Rinpoche to his Japanese Sangha

This letter was send to the Japanese Sangha few days after the Tsunami in Japan, on the last day of the Rigdzin Dupa Drupchen which was held in Dharma City.
Dharma City, 17th March 2011

Dear family of all Japanese students,

In my mind, I have an uninterrupted sadness for the disaster that happened to part of our family. I also have a longing, a feeling to take all the suffering of that part of our family. My wish is that these unbearable sufferings ripen into me. But if it doesn't, what can I do? Day and night, we are praying with our tears, to say “May this kind of suffering for the sentient beings never happen again”.

Also, I would like to say, I am terribly sorry for those who died, got injured, lost their home during the earth quake, the tsunami or the nuclear radiation in Japan. We just finished a Drupchen according to the Rigdzin Dupa sadhana. This sadhana is a great sadhana, it is supreme enlightenment, it is the witness of the accomplishment of our aspirational prayers for those who died or suffered. The glorious second Buddha – Padmasambhava – is the embodiment of all the Buddhas of the past, the present and the future. In this sadhana, we visualise ourselves as Padmasambhava; the surrounding is the great gathering of vajra brothers and sisters. They are meditating on the rigpa as Padmasambhava. Together, we are praying to say, “Whoever be in samsara, caught by the deceptive appearances – may we be with them, and share their situation, both happiness and suffering, from right now until the enlightenment has been attained”. We dedicate our positive three doors – body, speech and mind, to those injured by the suffering. We want to eliminate any kind of suffering, and we are also praying to say, when the life appearances and perceptions of suffering sentient beings fade away, “At that moment, may the appearances and perceptions of the luminosity appear as the Dharmakaya. At the same time, may they receive the perfect skills to recognise the true nature of rigpa. May they become same as dharmakaya, the limitless light Amitaba. All those sentient beings, may they be utterly liberated into the innate purity of the ultimate sphere. May they never be afraid of the natural sounds, of the cloud lights, of the light rays, of the radiance! May they recognise at the same time self sound, cloud light, light rays. May they never be distracted by the delusion of the bardo of becoming. May they remember their own Vajra master. May they also remember its pith instructions. May they immediately be liberated into their own nature of the mind.”

We offered 10 000 butter lamps for the benefit of all suffering beings, especially in Japan. We are praying to say, “Through this lamp, may appearances be recognised as self-luminosity, then may whatever appear be completely as dakas and dakinis, buddhas and bodhisattvas; may all suffering beings be liberated into the pure celestial domain.” We followed the supreme sadhana of Rigdzin Dupa: having practiced the profound phases of generation and dissolution with this perfect gathering, we are praying to say, “May those sentient beings obtain perfect buddhahood; even if not, may they obtain a human life endowed with the 18 freedoms and advantages”. We sat on the supreme mandala of Ridgzin Dupa. Through the tendrel of the gathering in a single mandala, in a single thought of the impartial compassion, in a single samadhi of focus put on the lamp, may we gather together as one and never be parted. We say at that time, “May we all transform into the supreme noble Yidam – Guru Rinpoche”. We put hope through the uninterrupting kindness of our own spiritual friend – may our mind stream be endowed with the perfect listening, reflection and meditation. Through that, may we realise the ultimate result of the accomplishment.

We received the supreme jewel of the two aspects of the siddhis. Through these siddhis, we send all our positive energy to the six kind of impure transmigrators. May they be as soon as possible empty. That is my wish, from the centre of my heart.

I have very strong feelings that all of you – Dharma practitioners, surely understand the reality of the conventional and the reality of the reality. Therefore, I am sure your mind will become more realised, compassionate, understanding, tolerant, accessible – you will never go through this kind of suffering situation. But you are suffering according to your compassion. This suffering is not a normal suffering. This suffering is the liberator of all sufferings. According to your understanding or realisation, you never produce suffering tears; but for the moment, you have tears, which are not normal tears: they come from your compassion, they are great amrita, the antidote for the real suffering tears. Through this situation, we got a lot of education: impermanence, emptiness, deceptive appearances. We understand that a changeable, unreliable, unstable temporary happiness comes from material or conceptual reality.

I am a very stupid guy, but I am always concerned about the suffering of those sentient beings. I say “How can I take the suffering of sentient beings?”. I don't want to become enlightened. I want to be reborn in the hells, the hungry ghosts and the animal realms, in order to help beings there. I always pray to my own root teacher, which is the embodiment of all the buddhas and bodhisattvas, the source of all my good things, to say “Please grant me strength and power; if I do something good, positive for others, even if it costs my live, I don't need to care about it. Please, all buddhas and bodhisattva, be my witness, I am going to take the vow: until samsara is empty of all sentient beings, I want to be there, share their situation, take their sufferings.

I would like to invite all of you to Dharma City where we can practice and purify the environment of its nuclear radiations.

May all your wishes be truly accomplished. Today, I drank a lot. I am mad. Anyway, I hope to see you soon.

Patrul Rinpoche