Letter from Patrul Rinpoche for the 2011 shedras and drupchens

Dharma City, 14th of January 2011


I hope you have received the schedule for 2011. Our schedule is quite busy this year, but I am very very happy to do the Shedras and Drupchens.

Why? Because we need education. Without education we remain unknowers of what to do and not to do. In order to dispel our lack of understanding we must study all different subject matters including worldly and spiritual matters. Then we can distinguish between the variety of paths, what is valuable and what is not. Through the education we can manage worldly and spiritual activities. Through that we can investigate both the relative truth and absolute truth.

If we have good education then we can analyse relative reality in order to find the relative reality. That means the meaning of the relative truth, source of the relative truth, the combination of the different elements of the relative truth, how we can benefit in the relative truth, how we can understand about dream relative truth. Is it really a dream or not? If it is not a dream how we can find an evidence of the reality of the relative truth. If it is like a dream, how can we rely on the relative reality?
Through this research, can we find relative truth of past, present, future? If we can't find relative truth of past, present, future, then where is the relative truth? How can we investigate? We can't find the relative truth of past, present, future. But all the relative reality appears. At that time it looks as real, because we can touch, we can communicate, we can access, we can work with the relative truth. It functions perfectly. How? Can you find an answer?

It is amazing. The more you research the relative reality, the further away it goes. How can we catch the relative truth? If we cannot catch it, how can we believe in the relative reality? How can we say it is real? But also we cannot say it is not real. In this case how can we manage out relative life, relative activity, relative causes, conditions? We need study in order to find the good way to reach understanding level of relative reality.

Once we find then we can reflect more on that and also we can meditate on that. When we do so, than we have progressive paths and levels. Through that we approach more and more finding the absolute truth. The unmistaken truth, the truth of the essence of phenomena, the truth of unchanging original natural state. That we call the universal ground which comes from the relative truth and the absolute truths.
Absolute truth is unconceivable because it cannot be expressed. There is no bias, it is impartial. It is completely free from any extremes, absolutely it is perfect, equal. There is no collection, there is no separation.

In order to understand these two truths, we need education. Not only education, we need good activities through the body, speech and mind. Good action, or good conduct, brings a lot of benefit to ourselves and to others. That is successful life, happy life, in this and coming lives. Also good activities, good conduct purifies all the negativities, illnesses, different hindrances. For example, if you exercise your body through the fitness, it is said that you will prevent many sicknesses. In the same way when we use the excellent fitness machines of the sadhanas - for example the Rikzin Dupa and Dorje Sempa sadhanas - we can train on these fitness machines with enthusiasm and for sure we will purify the illnesses of body, speech and mind. We will have very handsome body, speech and mind.

In the perspective of causality, sure there is a cause to our different illnesses, obstacles, problems. In this case we need to get rid of their causes. Therefore we believe that through doing drupchens we can get rid of them. To make a drupchen has a lot of benefit to the outer environment, the inner sentient being, and ourselves. How is it so? Because it is completely related to human compassion. Through the human compassion of the drupchens we train to develop a perfect conduct of the body, speech and mind.

Drupchen also means the sangha community being together, praying for peace which is the peace without any suffering for all the sentient beings. The gathering of the community to do something together is really powerful, it is effective.

For example one person said that once we are born in this world, we are part of the society, but we cannot do much on our own. When we come together, we can do something for the benefit of both oneself and others. The result is completely different when one person does something alone, or when two persons join together.
For example once I got 300 kilos of French camembert. I love it and wanted to bring it to my home. But it was impossible to carry it alone. There was one person who asked me if I needed help. I accepted and asked him to help me load the delicious cheese in my car. We did it lightly together, and also ate some cheese together. We were both very happy.

It is like this: if you share your life and also share whatever you have, share your knowledge, your life-style… than we can make perfect home. Haha. If you are interested please let's do it.
Of course some being may not have much interests to do such things, in this case there is no need to push.

And also I am more and more concerned about how we can make a perfect drupchen over here according to the authentic Vajrayana teachings of the Buddha. This year I was in Tibet with many Lamas including my root teacher. We researched and checked out different sadhanas, what are benefit through the mudras, melody, recitation of sadhanas, using the instruments, making the mandala, the decoration of the main gathering place, etc. I discovered a lot. I am very happy if we can do more drupchens here in the future.

This is maybe a long letter. Maybe it helps to increase your path and to understand the reasons for doing shedras and drupchens.

From the bottom of my heart I am sending to you my love, best wishes, virtues, all good things to you so that your life may be happy and compassionate.

I am now in Dharma City sleeping, eating, fixing all my electronic gadgets, looking all my defects.

My dear long life, can you read this letter?
My dear authentic one, can you relate to this letter?
Dear envoys of my heart, can you correct my letter?
My dear genuine one, do not lose your own ability, do not harm other sentient beings.
We are physically in different countries, but our minds are all the time inseparable.

Thank you. I hope to see you soon.
from the Crazy Knower Nyima.