Losar 2010 - Message from Rinpoche (Sampa Zangpo)

Tibetan New Year 14 February 2010

Today I am a speaker of Sampa Zangpo. You know about Sampa Zangpo, I am sure. The meaning of Sampa Zangpo is fresh mind. Fresh mind is free from all old minds, from old disturbed minds.


Why do we say disturbed mind? Because disturbed mind is related to disturbing emotions. But mind is not always disturbed.

Therefore I am going to speak about Sampa Zangpo. Sampa Zangpo is the same as a magnificent New Year. The New Year of Sampa Zangpo brings to you all good fortune, happiness, long life, prosperity. It becomes perfect conditions for your happiness, temporary and ultimate happiness. 

Today I am offering you all the perfumed flowers of Sampa Zangpo. It is coming from the centre of my heart, it is my best generosity.

May this generosity take away all your shortage of happiness, shortage of material things, shortage of good conditions.

May this offering of Sampa Zangpo bring human dignity and give you the strength to refrain from harmful actions. To hold magnificent kindness of Sampa Zangpo is to take into consideration the benefit of all the beings. 

The meaning of Sampa Zangpo is "Good Heart", or we can also say "Beautiful Mind". Good Heart is an inconceivable New Year, it brings peace and harmony to all human relationships. It is the base of the absolute stability of our community of human beings. Through it we can contribute to others, we can create good conditions which make life easy without depression, stress, anguish, and fear. 

The New Year of Sampa Zangpo is also great patience. It can bear any kind of hardship when we do the benefit of others, and also when others disturb us.

With Sampa Zangpo we can do the benefit of others for countless years and never lose courage, never get tired of helping.

The meaning of Sampa Zangpo is the same as uncontaminated diligence which is the continuation of positive actions. It never has expectations of self-benefit, but instead it has the joyful intention of doing benefit of others.

Sampa Zangpo is the same as perfect one-pointed meditation which is concerned only with the benefit of others, nothing else. Therefore it is the antidote for foolish ideas which are all the time concerned with self.

Sampa Zangpo is the same as intelligence. Through it we can distinguish what is incorrect and what is correct. Incorrect means something like wacky entertainment and wacky wondering. These are meaningless or senseless harmful actions or intentions. 

According to the Buddha's teachings Sampa Zangpo means the Mind of Enlightenment: to give all happiness to others and to take all the problems of others on oneself. And also this means beautiful mind because it brings beautiful environment, inner beings and our own body. Therefore Sampa Zangpo is Compassionate Mind, Kind Mind, Beneficial Mind. The mind of Enlightenment. It understands reality. Reality of others' situation, reality of one’s own nature of mind. Sampa Zangpo is the source of happiness of everyone, oneself and others. Sampa Zangpo is the mind of impartiality. It protects equally all sentient beings without exceptions, without boundaries, without racism, without making a difference based on culture, language, colour, social situation, etc.

Anyway time is running. If we had more time… the details of Sampa Zangpo are very deep, profound, pleasant. It is the best conversation, and the best subject matter to study.

I hope you understand what I am saying. Myself I don't understand what I said. That means all phenomena have dissolved into Natural Great Peace. This Peace is for you to enjoy.

Very happy New Year, in Tibetan we say "Losar Tashi Delek". Enjoy your freedom. Again "Happy Tibetan New Year".