About the Vajrasattva Drupchen in Georgia

Hi. Hi. Hi.

I’m in Georgia now. The weather is pleasant, there was a lot of sun, and today snow painted everything white. Everything is going very well here with me. I hope you are fine and doing well.

Here in Georgia all the sangha is with me and we are very busy with preparation for the Drubchen. I hope our collective effort will provide that Drubchen goes smoothly and without hindrances. I also feel sorry for telling you this because I know everybody wishes to have Drubchen in Dharma-city, but due to some circumstances it is difficult to organize it in Dharma-city. You shouldn’t be disappointed though, because we don’t cancel it, we’ll make Drubchen in Georgia instead of Dharma-city.

This Drubchen is very important for benefit of all sentient beings and particularly it is a very special event for those who have a strong wish to practice authentic Dharma, not just to receive fundamental teachings without having confidence or determination. We need to receive direct teachings but we also need to be determined and ready to use them practically and correctly. In order to receive that kind of teaching we must prepare ourselves to be ready to receive pith instruction that leads us to Enlightenment in a single life.

It is very important to receive the teachings of the Buddha. When we receive authentic teachings there is a lot of benefit for all sentient beings, not only for ourselves. If you receive pith instructions and apply them you become enlightened in this single life. It is really beneficial for all sentient beings. Therefore we urgently need to take action in order to become enlightened for our own benefit and for the benefit of all other sentient beings and that’s why I’m preparing for the Drubchen. Dorje Sempa Drubchen is an intensive practice of Vajrasattva sadhanas and it is the best purifier of our negativities, it is the best antidote for our ignorance and it is the best path to achieve Enlightenment.

Sometimes if we look at things from the prospective view of fundamentalism we may think we understand everything, but we don’t understand the essential point - the true nature. We may say we are helping others, but at the same time we have a lot of expectations. We can also talk a lot about impartial compassion, but in reality we are concerned about ourselves, we are self-oriented and self-benefiting. And we may look very much concerned and talk about peace in the world and in our family, but in reality we are destroying peace.

In the same way sometimes we think we are purifying our dirty body, dirty speech and dirty mind, but in some cases, maybe mistakenly, we are virtually making them even dirtier. But if we follow perfect genuine persons and practice correctly we can get true instructions from the true guide and then in future we can manage our own path, in future we can ourselves control our path. Therefore it is very important to have enlightened guideline to practice like this.

As for the coming Drubchen, it has a tremendous effect and potency, so whoever attends and enjoys this Vajrasattva Drubchen gets a lot of benefit. People participating in it accumulate the same amount of virtue they would accumulate in a 3-year retreat. For example, let’s say 30-40 people are coming for this Vajrasattva Drubchen; practicing in groups and taking turns, we are continually, without interruption, reciting Vajrasattva 100-syllable mantra, and maybe each practitioner will recite 3000 or 4000 mantras during the whole Drubchen; then altogether it can make 100.000 Vajrasattva 100-syllable mantras and the total amount becomes the achievement of each participant. And if you practice Vajrasattva 100-syllable mantra individually, by yourself, sometimes it takes many years.

So if you attend this 7-day Drubchen you will probably receive great benefits. It is a very powerful collective practice and it is a good opportunity to come together and do some positive things for the benefit of all.

Therefore whoever wants to enjoy this Vajrasattva Drubchen is very welcome. All you have to take care of is your ticket and accommodation, and I’m going to take care about everything rest. I’m inviting you and I’m willing to offer you all conditions including food.

For those who can not pay for accommodation I’m renting one accommodation place. It is free, you can go there. This accommodation place is better than the tent. You are very welcome. But you will need a mattress and a sleeping bag there, so please, could you bring them. That is all.

And for those who can pay for the hotel, there are a lot of hotels in Tbilisi. You can go to a very expensive, western style hotel where everything is very luxurious and perfect. And also there are medium hotels and so-so hotels and cheap hotels. I’m also trying other different variants.

Members of the Georgian sangha also welcome you to stay at their places, but they are not very well economically so in this case it may need some extra expenses for gas, electricity, etc.

Anyway whoever wants to join the Drubchen - you are welcome. We can send maps and provide you with all information and - I’m saying it again - if you attend this Vajrasattva Drubchen I think you achieve the same benefit, all the qualities, the power and strength that you would achieve if you made a 3-year retreat. I mean there is no difference - you make a 3-year retreat or you make this Vajrasattva Drubchen – it is almost the same. Therefore I’m doing this.

Why I’m doing this? First thing I want to benefit my students and this is the best way for my students to get benefit for themselves and for others. And then, I’m doing it because I want to benefit all beings whoever are connected to me - both living beings and the dead. So please come, if you like, you are welcome, ok? I think that is all.

Hope see you soon.

All the best wishes.

Patrul Rinpoche