Powa Practise

Powa means "Transference of Consciousness". The Powa retreats, under the guidance of Patrul Rinpoche, focus on the instructions for the dying, on how to attain Buddhahood without meditation.

In the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, the practice of Powa - the transference of consciousness - is a simple but essential method by which we familiarize ourselves with the stages of death, thus diminishing our fears and preparing for the moment of our death when, with regular training, it will enable us to eject our consciousness into a Pure Land. At the same time, practicing Powa endows us with the understanding and the means to offer precious help to our friends or loved ones when they are facing death.

In “The Words of my Perfect Teacher”, Dza Patrul Rinpoche considers Powa to be “the teaching that brings Buddhahood without meditation” and advises that “everyone should take this unsurpassable shortcut as their daily practice”.

In July 2009, Patrul Rinpoche gave in Dharma City the first Powa retreat of a series that will be continued in the future, thus providing participants with an uncomplicated and yet extraordinarily powerful means to connect with the pure Buddhalands at the moment of death.