Letter to my students, October 2009

Brussels, 27 Octobre 2009

All my dearest superior students,

I hope you are well and that you are doing very well especially dharma activities. I am still alive doing normal things with my electronic gadgets but they are quite impermanent. They have become quite old but still work well. After the Shedra I went to different countries, visiting different people. Of course mainly students and mostly studied about impartial compassion. I was very happy because some students commented on impartial compassion.

It was really amazing because they understood quite deeply. They said that impartial compassion is the cause of all happiness of the temporary and ultimate and it is the pervasiveness of enlightened activity. It is the global mansion of peace, harmony and solidarity in which we can live joyfully and contentedly all together; just this. Nothing else.

Impartial compassion is the quintessence of the two truths; the worldly and the spiritual path. Without impartial compassion the path becomes fundamentalist, aggressive, narrow, unkind and self-aggrandising. If this foolish segregation increases how can we escape from this situation? We can escape thanks to impartial compassion because impartial compassion can deal with this, pacify this, purify this because impartial compassion is the complete antidote to this mentality.

Therefore, everybody was very happy to study, practice, reflect, meditate upon it. For me, I also agreed with them since impartial compassion is the mind of buddhas and bodhisattvas. Impartial compassion is the single path, the path of all the buddhas of the past, present and the future. Impartial compassion is the heart of all the bodhisattvas and the life-blood of all the male and female wisdom deities. It is the essence of all the buddhas teachings of sutra and tantra. Without impartial compassion the teaching is not the buddhas' teaching. It becomes like a commentary on a blackbird's teeth. It is a meaningless and endless discourse. Therefore, it is very important that whatever dharma activities we undertake are linked to impartial compassion.

Impartial compassion represents the true nature of phenomena. Therefore, whoever wants to realise the true nature of phenomena: it is unsurpassable to practise impartial compassion which is the unity of the awakened mind and awareness. So, when we train our mind with impartial compassion it then automatically develops in a positive and authentic way. That is what we call 'the increase of inner realisation'. When we have clearly in our mind the feeling of impartial compassion that is what we call penetrative insight.

This penetrative insight is not contaminated. It is uncontaminated; related to the self-arising, primordial qualities of the inherent mind which is the source of good and bad and also negative and positive. Something spontaneous, present, uncontrived by good or bad, negative or positive which is luminous, utterly pristine that is an inexhaustible treasure of existence and non-existence, because it is the holder of samsara and nirvana.

If we fully, unmistakenly understand what is impartial compassion then we can fly in the sky with the two airlines of samsara and nirvana with the two wings of the awakened mind, and pristine cognition! It will unite these two wings that we call the extraordinary aircraft. It is fast and quick, to cross the mountains, valleys, lakes, oceans of the paths and bhumis.

All my dears, let us fly. Take the united Concorde of Impartial Compassion. Let us be in the sky of unobscured mind and the highest level with the sun and moon to rest on the wonderful throne of non-conceptualisation. At that moment we would be very happy because we can taste everything one-pointedly. It is marvellous.

All the best,

Patrul Rinpoche