Letter of March 2007

Letter of 29 march 2007.


I hope you're doing well.

I'm very well but a little bit busy. Now I'm going to India to see HH Munling Tetchen Rinpoche and then I'm going to Asia which you know from my schedule. 

Anyway, I'm very busy but I'm always doing useless things. Your occupations are not like this. I hope you're doing good things to benefit sentient beings and that you're also studying the Dharma well. Sometimes, our Shedra books are very hard to understand but please wear the strong clothes of diligence. Whatever dangerous arrow of laziness comes you are completely protected. It is very important to remember when you put effort into studying the Dharma that it is not to benefit yourself but for all sentient beings. Therefore, all sentient beings put great hope in you that you will become their protector, helper and guide. 

Also, if you do like this all my happiness is there. Normally, I don't expect any of my close family to become rich, powerful, intelligent, famous or have a high-position. I'm not interested in any of them but I'm very interested in someone who has great compassion, gentleness, patience, kindness, tolerance, open-mindedness, usefulness and always thinking of other suffering beings. These kind of things I always expect a lot. If you care about me, if you like me, if you think about me you must become like this. Then you are completely perfect. 
It doesn't matter if anyone says anything good or bad. All of it are echoes. An echo doesn't have a heart. It is completely empty. You can never follow it but sound is present in an echo. Therefore, we use the echo in order to understand the essence of the empty echo. Also, like this, each phenomena of samsara, nirvana have the same base. Therefore, we say that samsara and nirvana have one base. In this case, nirvana's and samsara's phenomena are not different. 

This base is, we also say, the absolute sphere and emptiness and also essence. The base of the absolute sphere pervades each phenomena of samsara and nirvana when you understand that, you're aspect of the understanding mind becomes like the absolute sphere. At that time, we can completely have mastery over mind and perception of sound's echo. 

It is a very important subject to listen to, if someone has the experience to tell us and also we ourselves must reflect, analyse and meditate on it. I mean, it's very important. I always try to do it. For me it's quite difficult but you must do it. If you want to do something meaningful to benefit all sentient beings. 

Ha ha. Ha ha. Maybe it's crazy speech. Maybe it's useful. If it's useless put it directly into the rubbish bin.

I hope to see you soon. My great wish is that your excellent mind echo is fulfilled. 

From your crazy family called 

Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche