For Precious students, January 2007

9 January 2007

Precious, important Dharma sangha,

I hope everyone is fine and that you're doing well. As for me, I'm in Brussels trying to practice the Great Ornament of sentient beings' path which is the precious dharma but my mind is a little bit occupied with self-concern therefore I'm being lazy about practising the precious dharma.

I hope you are not like this because due to your past karma you have become a great being, you took the single path. I understand why you took the single path because your motivation is that you don't want even a single being to live in samsara. You want to give liberation to all sentient beings. I imagine your activities, motivation and your path are extraordinary. If those sentient beings understand whatever you are doing they must be happy. They must put great hope in you. They must take refuge in you. They must take protection in you because you are seriously doing benefit for those weak sentient beings.  Because you are doing benefit for those suffering sentient beings. You strive to benefit sentient beings day and night. You are precious. You are extraordinary beings. A being like this is difficult to find.

Now, in this world, due to inner emotional ignorance, everything has become polluted. This pollution is not like normal pollution. This pollution is the chemical of disturbing emotions. It is very dangerous because this chemical pollution easily destroys the outer and inner world. Because the users of the chemicals are jealousy, anger, rivalry, pride and desire-attachment. These beings don't have any compassion for other sentient beings. They make beings confused and stupid so bringing them to destinations of extreme sufferings. Even they themselves come from the very dense, dark ignorance of dualistic self-concern. Therefore, they create chemical pollution and they put their heads in it. Then there is so much suffering but when they put other sentient beings' heads in it, they are happy because they don't understand the situation of other sentient beings.

Therefore, I think self-concern is not beneficial for any sentient being. We must put self-concern after altruism because altruism becomes the guide of sentient beings. Then it leads all sentient beings to a happy state. Altruistic mind never cheats us, never creates chemical pollution. It always supports and helps all of us. Therefore, the altruistic mind of Sampazongpo should always occupy our minds and we automatically are in the natural condition. When we are in the natural condition there's no opportunity for the user of the negative chemical pollution to enter in. Therefore, I wish any kind of mind occupied by Sampazongpo. Any kind of mind means childish mind, adult mind, old mind, sad mind, happy mind, dull mind, confused mind, pure mind, impure mind, stupid mind, intelligent mind, anguished mind, relaxed mind, weak mind, powerful mind, negative mind, positive mind, ordinary mind, realised mind, sentient beings' mind and enlightened mind. All these minds are pre-occupied by the Sampazongpo.

Ha ha. I don't know if there are too many minds because how can we check the mind? Mind itself has no origination, no place to stay, no destination, no colour, no shape, no sound, no form. How can we explain it? How can we describe it? How can we say 'mind' is like this? But everything, outer and inner things, come from the mind. Also happiness, suffering come from the mind. Mind doesn't exist but all kinds of existence come from the mind. If we want to know how our mind functions we must follow your single path.

Before I didn't understand when you said 'single path'. I thought 'single' meant 'self-concern' but it is not that. 'Single' means 'a single aspiration to only benefit sentient beings'. When you benefit sentient beings, you only want to do it. No matter how many hardships you bear, you are happy. Never lose your courage. Therefore, your path is the single path. Also, all buddhas and bodhisattvas of the three times took this path, no other. Then their path is your path. Then your path is called the single path and also the Sampazongpo path. Ah, you are lucky. Your in the single path of the Sampazongpo. You have a great opportunity because you are on the single path of the Sampazongpo and I hope you are doing well but also you must do good things.

During the special occasions and extraordinary opportunities of this time it is very important to do beneficial things for all beings. Don't become like me. I respect very much the path of the Sampazongpo. I trust very much the path of the Sampazongpo. I have a lot of faith in the path of the Sampazongpo. Maybe, I will become the father of the Sampazongpo. I would like to create a lot of Sampazongpo children because it is most beneficial for beings.

All best wishes and long life without any kind of obstacles.

From old dog of stupid sleepy-head, porto Patrul