New Year Greetings - 2007

All my dear Students,

I wish you a very very happy Christmas and New Year.

I am now in Brussels Centre, teaching for the winter retreat, we are studying the 8th chapter of the Bodhicaryavattara. All the organisers prepared everything perfectly. But I am drinking a lot of Italian coffee with Thai chilli and Irish whisky. Therefore I wonder how I can teach to my dear students.

Anyway I have great hope that your dharma study and practice is getting strong and perfect.

Myself I am very busy. I don’t practice Dharma very much because I have become a farmer. I am very busy to look after all my plantations. The ground and the conditions are quite good for all my seeds, because the sprouts are already coming out. I hope that these sprouts will continue to grow up well and that the maturation becomes successful for the benefit of all beings.

In the Buddha’s teachings, it says that hope and fear in our mind are the root of samsara. However I have put great hope into the seeds of my plantations. But I think that my hope will not become the root of samsara because if the fully grown seeds of the plantation of mine are kind with me, they will give me the extraordinary result, that is the benefits for all the sentient beings.

I’m at the moment on the very strong rocky mountains of Brussels. These rocky mountains are quite difficult to understand because they are so many different landscapes, forests, lakes, rivers, gardens. But there are no bases, no grounds, no roads. They are not one, and also they are not many. But they appear in the sky. They are not different then the sky. They are great inseparability of union. In this case, I don’t need to invite the sky in my perceptions. Also I don’t need to invite my perceptions in the sky, because they are never separated, at the beginning, in the middle, in the end.

It is very very interesting to analyse. And also during my four activities of studying, sleeping, eating, talking, even when I am in the toilet, my mind is occupied with this kind of subject. What do you think?

Happy New Year! Long Life without sickness! Enjoy Authentic Dharma!

Tashi Delek, Sampa Zongbo.