Dzogchen Winter Retreat 2017

Development Stage

Patrul Rinpoche will teach on the development stage and root his explanation in two seminal texts: Ladder to Akanistha by Jigme Lingpa and Clarifying the Difficult Points by Patrul Chökyi Wangpo. This teaching retreat is open to all. Lopön Tsering Gönpo and Lopön Jampa Norgyal will enhance Patrul Rinpoche's explanation with daily review classes.

  • The teachings will be given in English and translated into French and possibly other languages if need be (all translations are simultaneous).
  • It is always better to follow the entire seminar; however, those who can't come for six consecutive days are most welcome to meet and listen to Rinpoche's explanations whenever they are able to.
  • The retreat will end with a New Year's party with Patrul Rinpoche. Participants are most welcome to invite friends and relatives.
Event Details
Buddhist Course
Patrul Rinpoche
Dharma City
300 Rue de Mettet
5620 Florennes

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Open to All
Fee Information: 

Participation fee includes the costs to organise the course, infrastructure, course materials and meals: 

1- Food: 15€/day
2- Course: 20€/day
3- Accommodation:

- Dormitory: 5€/night 
- Personal Caravan: 5€/night
- Tisha Rooms (limited number available) :
* One place in a shared double room: 20€/night
* Alone in a Tisha room (payer): 35€/night
* Joining a friend in a Tisha room (sharer): 5€/night
* Alone in B&B room (payer) 45€/night
* Joining a friend in a B&B room (sharer): 5€/night
* Tisha room sponsors: deducted from their package of 400 nights + expenses 5€/night
- off-site: no additional fee


  • During the event (course without food is not possible): 1+2+3 
  • Extra days: 1+3
The total contribution is automatically calculated based upon these prices and information you provide in the registration form below (if you are a registered user, please login first). Then you may proceed with the payment:
  • Bank details will be given below at the start of the enrollment
  • If you wish to use Paypal, please use the "Pay Now" button under "Total Fee" below
Contact Details: 
+32 (0)494 79 47 87


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