Chöd Drupchen 2013

Drupchen based on the Chöd Sadhana revealed by Do Khyentse
 Guided by Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche
With the presence of Khenpo Thubten Lodru Nyima

Dharma City, Belgium, March 28 - April 8, 2013

A text about the meaning of drupchens and the possibility to support it in different ways, along with a small explanation about the Chöd, both written by Patrul Rinpoche, can be read here.

A drupchen (great accomplishment) is a group practice in the form of a meditation retreat partaking of the Vajrayana tradition and guided by an experienced Lama. During the seven or ten days of the retreat, practitioners continuously perform the sadhana, offer the tsok feast and recite the drupchen prayers and mantra, doing so in shifts in order to rest between the recitations.

In April 2012, Patrul Rinpoche has guided for the first time a Chöd Drupchen in Georgia. A second Chöd Drupchen will take place in 2013 in Dharma City, Belgium. A three days preparatory course (28/03–30/03) will give everyone the time to learn the perfect way of performing a Drupchen, and the Drupchen will run for 8 nights and 7 full days. It is an extraordinaroy opportunity for everyone to keep alive this tradition of their ligneage and to create a cause for future well-being and happiness for themselves and for all beings. The drupchen will take place in Dharma City, Belgium, imbued with Rinpoche's kindness and compassion.

When we practice Chöd, we offer our body to the perfect objects of refuge, the Three Jewels: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, the Three Roots - Lama, Yidam and Dakinis - and to all the protectors of the Dharma. We also imagine that all the sentient beings to whom we owe karmic debts are invited to take whatever they want from our body. So we are accumulating enormous amount of merit, purifying obscurations and developing our wisdom by offering the most precious thing that exists in this world.

Participating in this powerful practice is regarded as bringing the same benefit as practicing during several years in solitary retreat, training those attending in pure perception and sharpening their ability to perceive their environment as a Buddha realm.

Please note that the deadline for enrolment is March 21st, 2013.

So, if you have decided to attend the Drupchen, we would suggest sending your enrolment form quickly, particularly if your citizenship requires a visa for entering Belgium, as there is less than a month left until the Drupchen starts.
Also, it is not mandatory but much recommended to have ones own Chod Daru (drum for the Chod practice) and kangling. It is also necessary to have at least your vajra and bell. If you want to buy these items in the Dharma City Shop, we would like to ask you to make your order until March 10th, because we need to make an order in Nepal. Please find all details here:
A Vajrasattva Drupchen, also with a four days preparatory course and guided by Patrul Rinpoche, will be held in Dharma City from July 10 until July 22, 2013.

We hope to meet you all soon in our Dharma City.

All our best wishes, 
The team of your International Dzogchen Center
May everything be auspicious!

Enrolment for the Chöd Drupchen is open, please follow the link below

Event Details
Buddhist Practice
Patrul Rinpoche
Dharma City, 300 Rue de Mettet, Florennes 5620, Belgium
Open to All
Fee Information: 
Participation fee includes the costs to organize the Drupchen, infrastructure, course materials and meals:
Preparatory course:
Normal price: 200 € ( 210 € if paid by Paypal to cover transfer costs)
For those having financial difficulties and before the enrollment deadline (21/03/13), a reduced price is offered: 140€ (147€ if paid by Paypal to cover transfer costs)
Drupchen itself (partial attendance allowed):
Normal price: 350 € ( 365 € if paid by Paypal to cover transfer costs) or 50€/day (52 €/day if paid by Paypal)
For those having financial difficulties and before the enrollment deadline (21/03/13), a reduced price is offered: 245€ (255€ if paid by Paypal to cover transfer costs) or 35€/day (37€/day if paid by Paypal)
Accommodation on site is 40 € for 1 or more nights. If you are renting a private caravan, please add the amount agreed with the owner to the 40 €.
Note that the course fee includes a simple dinner on the 27/03 and the breakfast on the 8/04. If you wish any extra meal outside of the course and Drupchen period, please add it in the comment of your enrolment.
Contact Details:
Registration: 27/03 (6pm); (and on 31/03 (2pm) for students who will not attend the preparatory course);
Preparatory course: 28/03 (7am) - 31/03(6pm);
Drupchen: 31/03 (7pm) - 08/04 (8am).

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