Chöd Drupchen

Chod Drupchen 2013

Short Introduction

In April 2012, Patrul Rinpoche has for the first time guided a Chöd Drupchen. A three days preparatory course has given everyone the time to learn the perfect way of performing a Drupchen, and the Drupchen has run for 7 full days. It was an extraordinaroy opportunity for everyone to keep alive this tradition of their ligneage and to create a cause for future well-being and happiness for themselves and for all beings. The drupchen took place in Rinpoche’s house, in Georgia, imbued with Rinpoche's kindness and compassion.

When we practice Chöd, we offer our body to the perfect objects of refuge, the Three Jewels: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, the Three Roots - Lama, Yidam and Dakinis - and to all the protectors of the Dharma. We also imagine that all the sentient beings to whom we owe karmic debts are invited to take whatever they want from our body. So we are accumulating enormous amount of merit, purifying obscurations and developing our wisdom by offering the most precious thing that exists in this world.

Participating in this powerful practice is regarded as bringing the same benefit as practicing during several years in solitary retreat, training those attending in pure perception and sharpening their ability to perceive their environment as a Buddha realm.

Learning how to practice

All the drupchens are preceded by a few days to one week training. Read more here.