2011 Vajrasattva Drupchen

Great Aspirational Prayers for Peace and Happiness

Vajrasattva Drupchen guided by Patrul Rinpoche

Live retransmission for Shedra students only

A text about the meaning of drupchens and written by Patrul Rinpoche can be read 


We would like to invite all Dharma Friends to participate in GREAT ASPIRATIONAL PRAYERS FOR PEACE AND HAPPINESS during which there will be an intense Vajrasattva's mantra-recitation. The prayers will be guided by Patrul Rinpoche and take place in Dharma City
from June 7 until June 16, 2011.
This intense day and night practice, so called VAJRASATTVA DRUPCHEN, gives very rare and precious opportunity to do joined meditation and mantra-recitation which will intensify the accumulation of merit and the collection of the 100-syllable Vajrasattva mantra while making pure aspirations for the world's peace and the happiness of all sentient beings.
As organizers of the Drupchen, we wish to keep the five perfections in our minds, and take each of them equally into consideration while preparing this course:
As to the Teacher, we wish the growth of Patrul Rinpoche's activity.
As to the Teaching (the Dharma), we wish to create the best possibility for its spread and the best conditions for its realization by all living beings.
As to the Sangha, we hope to forge the conditions for the participation of the entire community in this practice for peace.
As to the Location, we hope that all of Patrul Rinpoche’s centers, especially where the Drupchens take place, will be well established study and retreat centers achieving their objectives for the well being of all.  
As to the Time, we want to do our best to keep alive the tradition of Prayer for Peace each year.
The retreat will combine 3 days of teaching on Vajrasattva Sadhana (ritual practice) with 7 days of meditation retreat, during which practitioners will continuously perform the sadhana, offer the tsok feast and recite the drupchen prayers and mantra, doing so in shifts in order to rest between the recitations. The practice of Vajrasattva is included in the daily sadhana of the Longchen Nyingthik Ngöndro and a main practice for removing obscurations and purifiying negativities. The attendees will be able to familiarize themselves with the Vajrasattva sadhana as well as the rituals of instruments and chöpon.
Participating in this powerful practice is regarded as bringing the same benefit as practicing during several years in solitary retreat, training those attending in pure perception and sharpening their ability to perceive their environment as a Buddha realm, hence creating a cause for future well-being and happiness.

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