The True Words of the Great Rishi

An Explanation of The Four Noble Truths

The Four Noble Truths are ‘the crucial point of the eighty-four thousand teachings, the starting point of the ocean of truthful teachings, the general outline, or summary, of all the sutras and tantras’.
They are ‘the foundation of all paths, the general outline of all vehicles and the great path of superior individuals. So, it is crucially important for our practice of the Dharma, whether it be according to the instructions of the sutras or of the tantras, that our knowledge of the meaning of the four truths be perfect.’
                                    The True Words of The Great Rishi
Written in the style of a root text, The True Words of The Great Rishi is not at first sight an easy read. It requires diligent effort and a willingness to become familiar with precise terms and concepts. Formulated with great care and attention for those who approach its wisdom, it proves, on further inspection, to be a reference text of great incisiveness, acumen and brevity. Just like a detailed map, it is a constant source of new and unexpected discoveries which present clear gridlines that illuminate both the internal resonance and the contextual reference of the Four Noble Truths, a subject, often overlooked as only for beginners, which is integral to the full realisation of innate buddha nature, and the study of which brings enormous benefit to all levels of that quest.


Table of Contents

The table of contents is available for download as a PDF file to give a complete overview of the book.



  • ISBN 978-2-930447-06-3
  • 14x21cm, 151 pages, paper cover
  • Bilingual Tibetan-English
  • Date of publication: August 2008
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